Sustainability Solutions

In the context of increasing global warming, in order to improve the climate environment and realize the great strategic deployment of carbon emission reduction, CGC actively develops diversified services to help governments and enterprises identify risks and opportunities brought about by climate change issues, and dig deeper Energy saving and emission reduction potential, providing customized industry solutions to address climate change, and helping countries, regions, and enterprises achieve high-level sustainable development from multiple angles.

CGC is an industrial energy conservation and green development evaluation center recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. It has the national energy conservation energy audit qualification recognized by the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission. It has undertaken third-party verification work in Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other regions for many times. The competent government departments provide strong technical support to promote the establishment of an efficient, clean, low-carbon, and circular green system in my country, accelerate the transformation of the energy structure to low consumption, low emissions, and high efficiency, and ultimately achieve the great goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality .

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Our Services

Government Side Services

  • Carbon verification

  • Preparation of greenhouse gas emission inventories

  • Preparation of carbon peak action plan

  • Compilation of special plans to address climate change

  • Comprehensive energy project planning

  • Practical Research on Carbon Inclusion

  • Technical support for carbon emission monitoring platform

Enterprise/Park Side Services

  • Carbon inventory

  • Enterprise dual carbon planning

  • RE100. SBTi International Initiative Support

  • Capacity building of enterprise carbon emission management system

  • Evaluation of Green Manufacturing System

  • Carbon asset management support for eight major emission control enterprises

  • information disclosure

Product Lifecycle Evaluation Service

  • Product Carbon Footprint

  • Product EPD

Green Power Sector Services

  • Evaluation of green electricity consumption by enterprises/activities/individuals

  • Green Power Research

Services In the Field of Green Finance

  • Disclosure plan and report preparation for non-financial information (environment, climate, biodiversity, etc.) of enterprises

  • Corporate/financial institution environment, climate, biodiversity, and related social risk identification, analysis, and management support

  • development/green and low-carbon solutions for corporate financial institutions

  • Research on Green Financial Products

  • Research and report on carbon neutrality goals for key industries supported by green finance (energy, electricity, construction, transportation, industry, etc.)

  • Building green finance capacity

Enterprise/Park Side Services

  • Project research

  • Industry research

  • Standard preparation

  • train

  • Event Planning

  • other

Performance Achievements

  • Government services

    Prepare carbon peak action plans for Zhangzhou City in Fujian Province and Zoucheng in Shandong Province.

    Completed over 1000 national and local carbon verification projects, involving industries such as electricity, building materials, steel, chemical, non-ferrous metals, papermaking, petrochemical, aviation, etc

    Entrusted by the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the local energy conservation supervisor SB Gate, we have completed over 1400 audits of energy-saving and technological transformation projects in multiple provinces and cities

    Entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission, we have led the development of a training textbook titled 'Key Technologies and Applications for Energy Conservation Certification'

  • Enterprise Services

    Provide China Huadian Corporation Carbon Asset Operation Co., Ltd. with carbon asset management support services for the thermal power industry.

    Provide services such as carbon inventory, dual carbon planning, international initiative support, supply chain/supplier evaluation, etc. for leading enterprises in the industry such as Goldwind, LONGi Green Energy Technology, Mingyang Intelligent, and Golden Dragon Rare Earth.

    Provide double carbon planning and rail vehicle Carbon footprint accounting services for subsidiaries of Qingdao Metro and CRRC Group.

  • Issuance of 3000 reports and certificates

  • 1000 verification items

  • 1400 energy-saving audits

  • 1000 service enterprises

  • 20 dual carbon planning projects

  • 40 evaluations of green electricity consumption