As a senior independent third-party institution, CGC was engaged in certification, inspection, and testing of rail transit field in China, the rail transit business has covered three stages of system development, engineering construction and operation. After years of development, the technical service capabilities of rail transit have covered nine major majors, including vehicles, track, traction system, braking system, power supply, communication system, signaling system, railway maintenance management, and station electromechanical. It can provide certification, inspection, and testing related services throughout the entire lifecycle of rail transit product research and development, engineering construction and operation and maintenance. And six major testing and certification bases have been formed, represented by Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Chongqing, Zhuzhou, and Guangzhou. In recent years, CGC has undertaken much more independent safety assessment projects for representative FAO systems in China, such as Beijing Line 19 and 11, Shanghai Line 15 and 18, and Shenzhen Airport Rapid Transit Line. CGC has also undertaken independent safety assessment for renovation projects represented by Chongqing Line 2, as well as dynamic testing for pre operation period in Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Chengdu, and other cities.

In terms of domestic cooperation, CGC actively cooperates with major domestic equipment manufacturers in certification and assessment projects, and has established joint ventures with Shanghai Shentong Metro and Qingdao Metro, focusing on building testing capabilities for design verification, operational assessment, in-service evaluation, RAMS traceability and maintenance capability verification of equipment such as track, signal, vehicle, power supply, communication and AFC. It can provide third-party testing and verification services for national urban rail construction and operation, equipment innovation and product quality assurance.

In terms of international cooperation, CGC has signed strategic agreements with SCONRAIL and Lloyd's Register, which can provide convenient and efficient third-party services for the rail transit industry in the areas of standard docking between China and Europe, test data acceptance, certification acceptance, functional safety product certification and inspection, and export of domestic rail transit industry, with the goal of "one certification, double certification between China and Europe".

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