Wind Energy

CGC is an internationally renowned third-party technical service institution in the field of renewable energy, with a professional team, independent innovation capabilities, and rich project experience in the wind energy field. It can provide full lifecycle solutions for wind power projects and provide industry-leading technical services for wind power equipment design and manufacturing, offshore wind power.

CGC has the qualifications recognized by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), China Metrology Certification (CMA), and the International Electrotechnical Commission's Renewable Energy Equipment Certification Mutual Recognition System (IECRE) for wind energy certification and testing. Take the lead in carrying out wind power technology research in China, take the lead in building China's popular certification system, extensively carry out inspection and testing work, help China's wind power equipment successfully export to more than 30 countries, such as the United States, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Türkiye, Thailand, etc., build a bridge connecting technology to the market for customers, and promote the overall progress of the wind power industry.

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Our Services

Wind Power Certification Service

  • Component Certification

  • Wind Turbine Certification

  • Project Certification

  • New Technology Assessment

  • Operation and Maintenance Capability Assessment

  • GWOcertification

Wind Power Equipment Testing

  • Full-scale structural testing of rotor blade

  • Power performance test

  • Mechanical loads measurement

  • Safety and function test

  • Power quality characteristics test

  • Acoustic noise measurement

  • Lidar verification test

  • Voltage fault ride-through capability test

  • Mechanical vibration measurement and evaluation

  • Component and raw material testing

  • Generator test

  • Gearbox test

Wind Farm Technical Services

  • Design Bidding

  •     Technical services for bidding and tendering of wind turbines
  •     Site-Specific Assessment of Wind turbines
  • Project Construction

  •     Technical due diligence
  •     Shop Inspection & On-site Inspection
  •     Owner engineer service
  • Operation and Retirement

  •     Evaluation of Wind Farm Service Capability
  •     Verification of wind turbine power curve
  •     Wind farm acceptance,major component inspection,routine inspection
  •     Wind turbine power grid performance testing
  •     Wind farm noise testing
  •     Post evaluation of wind farm projects
  •     Performance evaluation of in-service units
  •     The technical innovation evaluation of wind turbine
  •     Life assessment of wind turbines
  •     Analysis of damage and liability for accidents, failures and invalidations
  •     Technical due diligence

Offshore Wind Power

  • Evaluation of the Optimization Effect of Integrated Design of Offshore Wind Power

  • Acceptance of offshore wind farm engineering

  • Certification of offshore booster station

  • Certification of offshore wind power projects

Customized Service

  • Risk prevention and control technical services for the entire process of wind power equipment insurance

  • Customized certification and evaluation

  • Standard preparation&topic&research

  • Third party information asset management

  • Train

Performance Achievements

  • Wind Turbine Certification

    Covering 1.5MW-18MW mainstream WTGS type certifications for domestic and international prevailing manufacturers, including: Goldwind, Envision, Mingyang Smart Energy, CRRC, Windey, SANY RE, CSSC, Shanghai Electric, Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, etc.

  • Blade Certification

    CGC is the only one who has national level of offshore wind power equipment public inspection in China and also has the largest testing and technical service platform in the world. So far CGC has completed full-scale testing which is covering blade lengths from 30m to nearly 130m. CGC had participated in a number of blade-related IEC standards and national standards formulation, the certificate has been accepted by nearly 30 countries and regions market, and the certified blade type cover range up to 16MW.

  • End Customer

    CGC has provided wind power technical services to 220 wind power development enterprises at home and abroad, covering the whole life cycle of wind farm design, equipment recruitment, engineering construction, operation and maintenance, technical transformation and retirement.

  • 3000 certificates issued

  • Inspection and testing of 8000 wind turbine generator units

  • Evaluation of 800 Wind Turbine Models

  • Complete 550 blade tests

  • Participated in 64 standards/technical specifications

  • Complete 30 offshore wind power tests