Solar Energy

In the solar industry, China General Certification Center (CGC) is one of the first third-party organizations in China to certify and test solar photovoltaic (PV) products. It is an accredited certification body (RECB) and inspection body (REIB) of the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy (IECRE). It is also an accredited National Certification Body (NCB) and CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL) of the IEC System for Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE). This allows CGC to provide a turnkey CB certification testing service for PV customers in China and globally.

CGC is the designated project review agency for China's Golden Sun Demonstration Project. Its customers include the top ten manufacturers in terms of shipment volume. CGC has issued over 3,600 PV product certificates and has served more than 60 GW of solar power plants. The industry widely recognizes CGC’s technical capabilities and service quality. Its testing and certification results have been accepted by government agencies, developers, financial institutions, and other parties.

CGC is the supporting institution of China’s “National Energy Key Laboratory for Wind and Solar Simulation, Testing and Certification”. It has established a 5,000㎡ East China PV Testing Center in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, which is accredited by CNAS and CMA. The center is a CBTL testing body recognized by IECEE. CGC has also established large-scale field test bases in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Zhejiang, Hainan, and other locations. This makes CGC the first authoritative third-party organization in China with field test capabilities in multiple temperature zones, including cold temperate, temperate, subtropical, and tropical zones.

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PV Modules

Certification & Market Access

  • Basic certification for modules: IEC 61215; IEC 61730

  • Advanced technology certification for industry leaders: CGC-GF063; CGC-R46076; CGC-R46099

  • Quality system certification for PV manufacturing: IEC 62941

  • CB certification for PV modules

  • Overseas markets admission services: UL for North America/ CE for Europe/ UKCA for the UK/ CEC listing for Australia/ INMETRO listing for Brazil/ BIS listing for India/ SASO for Saudi Arabia/ KS for South Korea/ JET for Japan/ COC&PSI for Pakistan

  • Certification for green building materials (including BIPV products)

  • CCC certification for construction safety glass (including BIPV)

Module Differentiation Testing and Certification

  • Certification of PV modules, parts, and materials for high temperature operation IEC TS 63126

  • Strengthened degradation group standard certification

  • Module power generation characteristic related testing and power generation performance evaluation IEC 61853

  • BIPV product testing and certification

  • Packaging and transportation test IEC 62759-1

  • High temperature load test

  • Low temperature load test

  • PID test IEC TS 62804-1 / Salt spray test IEC 61701 / Ammonia test IEC 62716 / Sand and dust test ICE 60068-2-68

  • Non-uniform snow load test IEC 62938

  • Wind tunnel test

  • PV module flexible supporting system compatibility test

  • Reliability test of offshore PV modules

  • Certification of module power generation performance

  • Calibration and verification of standard modules

  • Extended stress testing of modules IEC 63209

Module Parts, Materials Certification and Testing

  • PV cable certification and testing: IEC 62930:2017; CGC-R46040; NB/T 42073-2016

  • PV connector certification and testing: IEC 62852:2020; CGC/GF 021:2012; GB/T 33765-2017

  • PV junction box certification and testing: IEC 62790:2020; CGC/GF 002.1:2009; GB/T 37410-2019

  • PV Backsheet certification and testing: IEC 62788-2-1; GB/T 31034-2014

Module Equipment Supervision [Manufacture Supervision]

CGC offers an efficient, transparent, and intelligent big data platform for module manufacturing supervision. Apart from providing supervision services, the platform also offers higher-dimensional big data analysis to help owners choose module manufacturers more effectively.

  • Intuitive display of project progress and status

  • Collection of various data during production for factory quality analysis

  • Collection of material data for material usage analysis, providing support for material selection

  • Standardization of the manufacture supervision process to improve the efficiency of engineers

  • Work on electronic terminals. Once the supervision is completed, the system automatically generates production logs and reports

Field Test of Modules and Related Products

  • Field test of PV modules

  • Field test of PV module materials

  • Field test of inverters

  • Field test of PV supporting systems layout

  • Field test of tracker and integrated system performance

  • Field test of module cleaning robots

  • Other customized field test

Providing field test technology services including PV modules, PV module materials, DC/AC Inverter, PV support bracket, PV array smart cleaning devices, et.

PV Power Stations

Service Overview

CGC can provide entire industrial chain certification for PV power stations, ensuring quality control throughout the entire process, and evaluating quality throughout the entire life cycle. This helps customers control investment risk, improve the construction and operational quality of power stations, and ensure safe operation of power stations.

Certification and Evaluation of Residential PV Systems

  • Certification of grid-tied residential PV systems

  • Certification of operation and maintenance capability of residential PV systems

  • Certification of residential PV system O&M service providers

  • Quality control of key equipment components

PV Stations·Pre-Construction Technical Services

  • Feasibility study

  • Preliminary due diligence

  • Light resource assessment

  • Design evaluation

  • Equipment selection consulting services

  • Owner's engineering services

  • Review of new application technologies for PV power generation

PV Power Station·Technical Services During Construction

  • Acceptance of delivered equipment and verification & tracking of equipment quality

  • Verification and evaluation of compliance and rationality of construction and installation plans

  • Verification of construction and installation quality

  • System commissioning, performance testing, and quality inspection during trial operation

  • Evaluation of the reasonableness of the defect elimination plan and verification of the quality of defect elimination

  • Completion or handover performance testing and comprehensive engineering quality inspection

PV Power Station·Technical Services During Operation

  • Assessments of technical maturity for "Good PV Power Plants" demonstration projects

  • Evaluation of O&M performance

  • Technical due diligence investigations

  • Diagnostic testing for fault diagnosis

  • Quality inspections for arbitration

  • Evaluation of technical improvement plans

  • Quality inspections for warranties

  • Public assessments of insurance claims processes

  • Certification of PV power plant performance and quality grades

  • Certification of design, construction, and installation capabilities (EPC certification)

  • Certification of O&M capabilities for PV power systems

  • Certification of O&M service providers for PV power systems (IECRE)

Performance Achievements

CGC is an accredited certification body (NCB) and testing laboratory (CBTL) recognized by the IEC System for Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE). It can issue CB certificates and testing reports for PV customers in China and globally, and is recognized in 54 countries.

CGC has complete indoor and outdoor testing capabilities. It has a 5,000 m2 indoor PV testing center in East China, and outdoor validation bases for different climate types in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Zhejiang, and Hainan. This allows CGC to provide one-stop testing and certification services for customers.

Having served the top ten module manufacturers by shipment volume, CGC certifies products such as mono-crystalline silicon and polysilicon modules, half-cell/shingled modules, n-type/p-type bifacial modules, flexible modules, thin-film modules, and perovskite modules.

CGC has participated in national PV poverty alleviation project quality acceptance, national off-grid PV power supply project review, Golden Sun Demonstration Project evaluation, and national PV power generation project quality inspection.

  • 3400photovoltaic product certificates issued

  • Participated in the drafting of 60 Participated in 14 major scientific research projects

  • Service power station capacity 60 GW

  • Detect 3600 photovoltaic power stations

  • Technical Due Diligence of 370 Photovoltaic Power Stations