Energy Storage

The research of CGC Energy Storage Technology began in 2007. Over the past decade, along with the development of energy storage technology, it has carried out technical research on different forms of energy storage, including lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, lithium-ion batteries, flow batteries, supercapacitors, superconductors, flywheels, compressed air, molten salts, and hydrogen. This covers different types of energy storage technologies such as electrochemical, electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal, and chemical. It provides customers with technical services for the whole industrial chain, full lifecycle, and all processes from raw materials to power station operation, including standardization, testing, inspection, certification, technical due diligence, and technical evaluation.

CGC participates in the formulation of energy storage standards and carries out extensive cooperation with leading domestic and international technical institutions. It provides convenient, fast, and industry-leading technical services to enterprises. Its technical capabilities and test certification results have been widely recognized by customers and financial insurance institutions.

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Our Services

Energy Storage Product Testing and Certification Services

  • Energy Storage Battery Product Testing and Certification

  • Energy Storage Converter (PCS) Product Testing and Certification

  • BMS, EMS Product Testing and Certification

  • Energy Storage System Testing and Certification

  • BMS, PCS, Energy Storage System Functional Safety Certification

Full Lifecycle Technical Services for Energy Storage Stations

  • Design Tender Stage

  •       Technical Specification Development for Key Equipment Selection
  •       Design Scheme Evaluation
  • Project Construction Stage

  •       Supervision of Energy Storage Equipment and System
  •       Energy Storage System FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)
  •       Arrival Inspection of Energy Storage Equipment
  •       Spot-check of Energy Storage Equipment
  •       Supervision of Installation and commissioning process
  • Operation and Maintenance Stage

  •       System Commissioning Tests and Inspection
  •       Trial Run Acceptance
  •       Initial Performance Testing and Periodic Performance Testing
  •       Grid Connection Acceptance Testing
  •       Warranty Acceptance Testing
  •       Operation and Maintenance Capacity & Quality Evaluation
  •       Technical Due Diligence
  •       Insurance Risk Survey

Customized Services

  • Technical Services for Insurance Risk Survey of Energy Storage Stations

  • Customized Certification and Technical Evaluation

  • Standard Formulation & Topics

Performance Achievements

  • Research Topics

  • National Key R&D Plan: "Key Technologies and Demonstrations for Flexible Grid-Connection of Distributed Photovoltaic Energy Storage Power Generation Clusters", a key project of the Intelligent Grid Technology and Equipment initiative.

  • Key Special Project of "Common Technology Research and Application of National Quality Foundation": "Research on Key Technologies for Quality Evaluation of New Energy and Supporting Products".

  • International Science and Technology Cooperation Program: "Design Integration Technology and Empirical Research for Intelligent Microgrid of Renewable Energy in Remote Areas".

  • Beijing Science and Technology Plan: "Public Technology Service Platform for Testing and Evaluation of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Energy Storage".

  • Standards and Services

  • Compiled the first technical specification for containerized lithium ion battery energy storage system products in China focusing on the safety of energy storage systems.

  • Innovatively launched the model of "design evaluation + type test + manufacturing capability evaluation + post-certification supervision" to carry out energy storage system certification.

  • Issued the first batch of national standard certification certificates for lithium-ion battery products for energy storage in China.

  • Issued the first domestic PCS product national standard certification.

  • Issued the first national standard certification of battery management system for energy storage in China.

  • Issued the first energy storage system design evaluation compliance certificate.