Hydrogen Energy

The world is heading for hydrogen, and for many, a large-scale hydrogen economy is essential to a clean energy future. 

From production to consumption, the business case for hydrogen is growing and the hydrogen economy is emerging, yet to fully realize the potential, industry and governments must focus on four key areas to scale the hydrogen economy:

Safety – The scale of the future hydrogen society will be determined by success in managing safety.

Infrastructure – The full benefits of a hydrogen economy will come as the energy carrier becomes an integrated part of world’s energy system. This will require new or adapted gas infrastructure, sector coupling with renewables and the electricity grid, and the adoption of hydrogen for a range of industries and applications.

Decarbonizing production  – Hydrogen must be decarbonized throughout its value chain to answer to climate change. This will require lowering the cost of electrolysis in order to scale green hydrogen, or scaling carbon capture and storage (CCS) to enable blue hydrogen.

Policy, investment and strategy – Long-term policy commitments will be essential to building the hydrogen economy. In parallel, energy companies and investors need to understand the policy landscape and have insights into the technical and business aspects of hydrogen.

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What can we do ?

Voluntary Product Certification

  • H2 Manufacturing and Storage

  •       Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production System(ALK and PEM)
  •       Hydrogen Rectifier Power Supply
  •       Electrolyze
  • Hydrogen Filling

  •       Hydrogenator System
  •       Hydrogen Refueling Nozzle
  • Fuel Cell

  • Others

Energy Efficiency Evaluation

  • ALK

  • PEM

Safety Evaluation

  • H2 Manufacturing and Storage

  • Hydrogen Filling



  • PSSR Service

  • Nondestructive Testing and in-Service Inspection

Other Services

  • Consultation Service

  • Supply Chain Evaluation

  • Green Hydrogen Certification

Intelligent Technology

In the field of intelligent technology, CGC closely follows the development pulse of the times, actively explores and builds technical service capabilities in areas such as autonomous driving, smart cities, information security, robotics and automation systems, additive manufacturing, machine vision, etc., collaborates with research institutions and leading enterprises in relevant technology fields, creates advanced standards, builds testing platforms, implements evaluation and verification, and promotes technological innovation, Jointly promote the development and progress of China's overall level of intelligent technology.

CGC explores the establishment of corresponding standards and evaluation methods to address common issues in the process of technological development, proposes scientific and rigorous solutions, and helps the industry accelerate the pace of building a systematic, scientific, and standardized technological system.

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Our Services

  • Information security

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Machine vision

  • Robot automation system

  • Autopilot

  • Smart city

Industrial Basic Technology and Components

The survival and development of industry depends on industrial basic technology and components which are the key influencing factors of performance, quality, and reliability of major equipment and complete machine products.

For many years, CGC has actively conducted basic technical research around the demand of renewable energy equipment including wind power and solar power. By participating in the formulation and revision of standards and technical specifications, CGC has improved the certification standard system and established a comprehensive ability to inspect, test, and certify basic components such as raw materials, bearings, gears, generators, hydraulic systems, structural components, fasteners, converters, control systems, monitoring systems, etc. CGC provides comprehensive and overall solutions for market entering of new products, technological transformation of in service products, technical innovation, and so on. CGC continuously strengthens its own technical innovation capabilities, helps enterprises to improve product quality, shorten production cycles, enhance competitiveness, and create core advantages for high-quality development.

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Performance Achievements

  • 1800 certificates issued

  • 370 service enterprises

  • 50 contracted laboratories

  • 30 new technology evaluations

  • Participated in 60 standard formulation and revision projects

  • Develop 30 certification technical specifications