Who we are?

Founded in 2003, China General Certification Center, (referred to as "CGC") is a third-party technical service organization specializing in standard development, testing, inspection, certification, technical and industry research services. We provide services in the area of renewable energy, climate change and sustainable development, industrial equipment and intelligent manufacturing, rail transit, consumer goods and other industries. With 20 years of experiences, we have established more than 24 branches with over 600 employees, and serve for about 6000 customers. We are committed to becoming a world's leading technical service provider and a trusted partner of the industry.

Our mission and values

Sustainable development has become the common choice and pursuit of mankind. As a member of humanity, we hope that through our efforts we can accelerate the process of sustainable development and make the world a better place. For this purpose, as a technical service organization, we have been engaged in areas that contributes to achieving the goals of sustainable development. In these areas, we are committed to providing whole life cycle quality assurance and technical support, establishing mutual trust in the industry, stimulating technological progress, and promoting higher-quality, more efficient, and safer development of the industry. Our ultimate goal is to strive for the sustainable development of human beings.

  • Mission

    To provide solutions for industry progress and promote sustainable development of the society.

  • Vision

    To become a world's leading technical service provider and a trusted partner of the industry.

  • Values

    Integrity Progress
    Innovation Collaboration

Expertise and Strengths

  • Simulation Calculation and Analysis

    The wind energy simulation center has a high-performance simulation platform which is equipped with mainstream analysis software in the industry,such as Bladed,RomaxWind、Ansys、Bentley SACS,Meteodyn WTFocus、OpenWind、 DHI MIKE and so on. It can do all kinds of load simulation and strength analysis of structural components for onshore and offshore wind turbines, as well as components such as blades, gearboxes, generators, and offshore support structures. strength analysis. At the same time, it can analyze and optimize the flow field of wind farms to maximize the benefits of wind farms under the premise of ensuring safety.

  • Lab Resources

    CGC owns over 20 laboratories and 100 cooperative laboratories including the world's largest full-scale blade testing laboratory, the Peony wind test site, the East China Photovoltaic Testing Center with full testing capabilities of IEC series standards for components, outdoor photovoltaic products demonstration base and system testing capabilities for urban rail vehicle system, public works system, communication signal and power supply. Through the verification and accumulation of experiments and project practice, the professional technical level and core business capabilities are continuously improved to provide basic support for the technological progress of the industry.

  • Highly trained technicians and advanced portable equipment

    CGC test lab, equipped with advanced testing equipment and a group of high-level test engineers, the competence areas cover wind turbine power performance, mechanical loads, electric characteristics, acoustic noise, lidar verification. CGC test lab owns a Mudan testing wind farm and performed standardized procedures of test projects.

  • Standards Formulation

    Standards are the foundation of testing and certification, so CGC has always attached great importance to and participated in the standards formulation. Which include over 80% of wind power standards by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and dozens of national and industry standards. CGC has also provided a large number of standardized technical services for wind power related enterprises. The standards involved the wind turbines to components, from design to manufacture, from equipment to wind farms, covering the entire field and the whole lifecycle.

  • Research and Publications

    CGC has always focused on industrial economy, technology, and policy research, gathering industry experts' perspectives, deeply analyzing global industrial development trends, publishing professional works, sharing research results, and disseminating cutting-edge perspectives and knowledge.


  • Testing laboratory accredited by IECEE

  • Wind certification and testing body (RECB and RETL) accredited by IECRE

  • PV certification and inspection body (RECB and REIB) accredited by IECRE

  • A CB laboratory authorized by the German Institute of Electrical Engineers (VDE)

  • Accredited laboratory of CSA in Canada

  • An authorized laboratory of HERMON in Israel

  • Certification body approved by GWO

  • Certification, testing and inspection body accredited by CNAS

  • Certification body accredited by CNCA

  • Compulsory product certification body and laboratory designated by CNCA

  • National Offshore Wind Power Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center by CNCA

  • A RoHS certification body approved by CNCA

  • The inspection and testing body accredited by CMA

  • National Energy Key Laboratory for Wind and Solar Simulation, Testing and Certification approved by National Energy Administration (NEA)

  • The National Energy Saving Review Institution approved by the Ministry of Finance and The National Development and Reform Commission

  • National Industrial Energy Conservation Diagnostic Service Agency

  • National Green Data Center Evaluation Agency

  • Rated as a national high-tech enterprise

IECRE Participation

20+ Working Groups--The MOST Active Participant in Chinese Renewable Energy Industry

CGC is an important participant in the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications (IECRE). In 2017, GCC became the first IECRE accredited certification body, inspection body and testing laboratory outside Europe, which contributes to the globalization of China’s renewable energy equipment.

From the preparation of IECRE system to the establishment of the system, CGC is the only institution in China that participates in the whole process. From 2011 to mid-2014, at WT CAC and IECRE forum meetings, CGC actively contributed to the establishment of certification and testing global mutual recognition system in renewable energy field, and promoted the development of the international mutual recognition process.

Since the establishment of IECRE in 2014, under the organization of CNCA, CGC has participated in the IECRE Management Committee meetings and relevant working groups meetings. Representatives of CGC actively express their industry views when attending IECRE working group meetings, and participate in discussions and make suggestions on process design, rules development, financial model, system development and many other aspects. For major issues, CGC, as the secretariat, assists CNCA in organizing domestic industry institutions to have discussion and submit formal proposals to the IECRE secretariat.

CGC's in-depth participation has been unanimously recognized by IECRE and international peers. At the REMC meeting in September 2015, under the recommendation of CNCA, Qin Haiyan of CGC was elected as the Vice Chairman of IECRE, and was successfully re-elected at the REMC meeting in November 2018. This is the first time that China has gained management position at the beginning of the establishment of the IEC conformity assessment system.

Social Responsibility

We integrate social responsibility with development strategy and management activities. We take "providing solutions for industry progress and promoting sustainable development of the society" as our mission and always adhere to impartiality, objectivity, science, standardization, integrity” in daily operation. We believe that as a part of National Quality Infrastructure, we will lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the industry and play an important role in jointly building a more sustainable future.


  1. Established and approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) to be a certification body

    Undertook the UNDP/GEF photovoltaic power generation project "Establishment of Solar Water Heater Certification System"

  2. Hosting the Third World Wind Energy Conference

  3. Hosted the 2005 Beijing International Renewable Energy Conference

  4. The project of "Establishing a Certification System for Chinese Solar Photovoltaic Products" was launched

  5. Issuance of China's first wind turbine product certification certificate

  6. Undertook NDRC/WB/GEF China Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP) "establishing wind turbine testing center" project and "establishing wind turbine certification capability" project.

  7. Rated as a national high-tech enterprise

  8. Received the "Advanced Collective Award for China's Certification and Accreditation Technology and Standardization Work" issued by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration

  9. Approved as National Energy Key Laboratory for Wind and Solar Simulation, Testing and Certification by National Energy Administration (NEA)

    Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Citigroup and CGC certificates/reports were accepted by Citigroup worldwide

  10. The wind power certification was accepted by the Government of South Africa, which started the process of international government acceptance and successfully supported the export trade of domestic wind turbines

  11. Become one of the first batch of carbon Emissions trading verification institutions in Beijing

  12. Designated certification body and laboratory for China Compulsory Certification (CCC) by CNCA.

    Won "China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award--Grand Award" by the China Machinery Industry Federation

  13. The National Accreditation Administration officially represents China in the IECRE system, with Director Qin serving as the Vice Chairman of IECRE

  14. Establish a strategic product department to expand business in the fields of industrial control safety and intelligent technology; Building a machine vision laboratory to expand business in fields such as 3D printing, robotics, and machine vision

  15. To be the first certification and testing body outside Europe accredited by IECRE

  16. Established VDE&CGC joint venture and constructed the comprehensive testing base for consumer goods

    Approved as National Offshore Wind Power Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center by CNCA

  17. To be the first CURC certification body accredited by CNCA

  18. Established East China Photovoltaic Testing Center

  19. Completed the certification for the first offshore wind power project in China

  20. Issued the first certificate for China offshore floating wind power generating system

    The National Quality Inspection Center completed the static test of Asia's longest anti-platform wind turbine blade (111.5 meters)

    Won the bid and delivered the operation period evaluation project of "10th of Ramadan City LRT project" in Egypt

  21. To be a certification body and testing laboratory accredited by IECEE